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ESG White Paper: NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source and significant emerging technology for solving business problems around large volumes of mostly unstructured data that cannot be analyzed with traditional database tools. The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop combines the power of the Hadoop framework with flexible storage, professional support, and services of NetApp and its partners to deliver higher Hadoop cluster availability and efficiency.

White Paper: Distributed Content Repositories

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Content is growing fast, and objects that must be stored are increasing in both size and lifespan. To help meet this challenge, NetApp provides content-repository solutions with data scalability, enterprise reliability, and object management.

White Paper: Deploying HPC Clusters with Mellanox InfiniBand

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Over at the Mellanox Blog, Scot Schultz writes that Mellanox has released “Deploying HPC Clusters with Mellanox InfiniBand Interconnect Solutions,” a guide on how to design, build, and test an HPC cluster. High-performance simulations require the most efficient compute platforms. The execution time of a given simulation depends upon many factors, such as the number […]

Sponsored Post: Flexpod Select for Hadoop

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The FlexPod Select for Hadoop is an extension of FlexPod initiative built based on Cisco Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for HPC and Big Data for deployments that need enterprise class external storage array features.

Object Storage for Dummies eBook

Object storage is not just about adding new storage functionality. It also fundamentally reduces the complexity of how applications interact with storage. A new eBook offers timely insight into this important new field.

Sponsored Post: Balancing High Performance with Cost when Analyzing Big Data

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HPC and big data professionals need high performance to ingest and analyze huge amounts of data, while still managing power and cost efficiently.

Sponsored Post: 5 Types of Memory Challenges and How to Resolve Memory Bugs


Memory debugging MPI programs running on HPC clusters can be challenging. Memory leaks and bugs can be caused by factors such as failing to free memory or pointers, not checking for error conditions, array bounds violations, and memory corruption. Download a whitepaper identifying the top 5 types of memory challenges and ways to identify and […]

When Virtualized HPC Speeds Past Bare Metal

Virtualization has attractive features that could benefit HPC, but many have waved it off due to the perceived performance hit. That may be changing. Over at the Long White Virtual Clouds Blog, Michael Webster writes that an upcoming session at VMworld will show how HPC performance in a virtualized system can actually surpass Monte Carlo […]

Whitepaper: Efficient Parallel In-place Square Matrix Transposition

Colfax Research has released a new whitepaper by Andrey Vladimirov entitled: Multithreaded Transposition of Square Matrices with Common Code for Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors. In-place matrix transposition, a standard operation in linear algebra, is a memory bandwidth-bound operation. The theoretical maximum performance of transposition is the memory copy bandwidth. However, due […]

Corelets – A New Paradigm for Cognitive Computing

Over at the Smarter Planet Blog, Dharmendra S. Modha writes that, just as Fortran powered the last 60 years of scientific computing, the coming era will be powered by Cognitive Computing that gathers huge quantities of data, reasons over the data, and learns from interactions with information and people. To make this possible, he contends […]