Intel’s True Scale Fabric Gains Momentum; Forty Percent Growth from Last Year

Joe Yaworski

“We really need to re-look at what the requirements are that will lead us all the way up to being able to support Exascale deployments. One of these absolute requirements is CPU fabric integration, because the performance that’s needed, the density, the power, are all areas that have to be vastly improved to support deployments of exascale.”

Video: Paul Grun Wraps up the OpenFabrics Workshop


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, OFA Vice-Chair Paul Grun wraps up the conference with a summary of talks and a look at the way forward for OpenFabrics.

Mellanox & DataON to Provide Cluster-in-a-Box Storage Appliance


This week Mellanox announced that its ConnectX-3 10/40Gb RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) and FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand Network Interface Cards (NICs) power DataON Storage Cluster-in-a-Box appliances.

New A3CUBE Card Delivers PCIe over Standard Optical Cables


Today A3CUBE introduced the RONNIEE 2S Network Interface Card. Capable of transmitting four PCIe signals at 20Gb/s on standard Active Optical Cables, the device offers improved scalability and power efficiency over conventional solutions.

Video: Exploring Improvements to Verbs


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Tom Statura from Intel presents: Exploring Improvements to Verbs.

Mellanox Rolls Out Software-Defined FCoE Switch Solution


Today Mellanox announced the world’s fastest and most efficient Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) switching solution.

Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters

HPC Clusters Sm

Currently, there are many trends in HPC clustering that include software complexity, cluster growth and scalability, system heterogeneity, Cloud computing, as well as the introduction of Hadoop services. Without a cogent strategy to address these issues, system managers and administrators can expect less-than-ideal performance and utilization. There are many component tools and best practices to be found throughout the industry. To help our audience build and manage successful HPC Clusters the editors of insideHPC have created this article series called “the Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters.”

Video: Signature Verbs Extension


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Rich Graham from Mellanox presents: Signature Verbs Extension.

Interview: EXTOLL Talks Mountain Climbing, Interconnects, and ISC’14


“EXTOLL offers high-performance interconnect technology to the HPC-world. EXTOLL has developed a network ASIC called “TOURMALET”. TOURMALET is a single chip network solution for the HPC world, which has been completely architected and designed by EXTOLL. The result is a 270 million transistor chip running at 750MHz as a heavily optimized solution to the HPC network space with its unique low-latency, high message rate and high bandwidth architecture.”

Video: Shared Memory Communications Over RDMA (SMC-R) Update


“SMC-R is an open sockets over RDMA protocol that provides transparent exploitation of RDMA (for TCP based applications) while preserving key functions and qualities of service from the TCP/IP ecosystem that enterprise level servers/network depend on.”