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This Week in HPC: Searching for Scalability in China and Tracking Criminals in Canada

this week in hpc

In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss recent reports that the Tianhe-2 supercomputer is underutilized. After that, they look at Canada’s efforts to track criminals using Big Data.

A Cost and Scalability Comparison of the Dragonfly vs. the Fat Tree

The dragonfly topology has been proposed as an efficient alternative to the fat tree. This talk presents a study of the blocking and scalability characteristics of the dragonfly, and compares this to the well-known fat tree topology.

A Passing Lane for the Scalability Limit

Over at Admin HPC, Dell’s Jeff Layton writes that parallelized applications eventually hit a scalability limit where adding processors no longer increases performance. The good news is that you can use Amdahl’s law as a guide to where to concentrate your resources to improve performance. The first explanation for this behavior is described by Amdahl’s […]

Video: Gnodal Steps Up with 40 GigE Solutions for Extreme Scalability

In this video, Gnodal CTO Fred Homewood describes the company’s high bandwidth, low latency 40 GigE Ethernet switch solutions for HPC and the Enterprise. The GS0072 is an order of magnitude faster than most competitive switches with congestion management and dynamic load-balancing, allowing the switches to operate at near 100% bandwidth utilization (throughput). The GS0072 […]

New Paper: An Early Evaluation of the Scalability of Graph Algorithms on the Intel MIC Architecture

Erik Saule and Umit V. Catalytirek from Ohio State University have published a new paper examining the scalability of the upcoming Intel MIC architecture on Graph algorithms. Abstract Graph algorithms are notorious for not getting good speedup on parallel architectures. These algorithms tend to suffer from irregular dependencies and a high synchronization cost that prevent […]

Video: Scalability — How to Configure and Manage Scalability for Moab and Torque

In this video, Jason Booth and David Beer from Adaptive Computing present: Scalability — How to configure and manage scalability for Moab and Torque. Following that, Bryan Caron from Compute Canada presents a customer case study. In this talk we will outline the experiences of the centre with Moab and Torque in providing a scalable, […]

Video: PBS Professional Looks Out 20 Years on Scalability

In this video, Rich Brueckner from insideHPC interviews Bill Nitzberg, CTO of PBS Works at Altair Engineering. The company recently celebrated the 20th anniversay of PBS Professional, Altair’s EAL3+ security certified, commercial-grade HPC workload management solution. Recorded at the ISC’11 Conference in Hamburg.

Platform Symphony 5.1 Adds GPU Support, Doubles Scalability

Today Platform Computing announced the release of Platform Symphony 5.1, its popular service oriented architecture (SOA) application. With it’s enhanced architecture, Symphony offers the following new capabilities: Easier Application On-boarding Faster, easier, less costly development and testing for applications allows customers to retain investments in existing applications. GPU Support and intelligent GPU workload scheduling exposes […]

Podcast: Grid Dynamics CEO Victoria Livschitz on Delivering Cloud Scalability

In this podcast, I interview Victoria Livschitz, President & CEO of Grid Dynamics. As an engineering company, Grid Dynamics has helped companies like eBay, Paypal, and Microsoft build next-generation, mission-critical systems that deliver extreme scalability and elasticity. In our cloud computing survey of engineers, we learned that they are all about scalability and elasticity, the […]

Intel cloud service tests the scalability of your code

Dr. Dobb’s reported this week that Intel has announced a new tool to allow developers to understand the scalability of their apps Intel’s Software Tools group has announced a cloud-based “scalability service.” The Intel Parallel Universe Portal is an on-demand cloud-computing analysis tool that tests 32-bit Windows-based parallel applications. The service lets software developers assess […]