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Idaho National Lab Deploys SGI ICE X Supercomputer

Today Idaho National Laboratory (INL) announced that the lab has deployed an SGI ICE X supercomputer to power nuclear reactor simulations. Supplied through SGI’s partner ComnetCo, the 511 Teraflop SGI ICE X cluster comprises 611 water-cooled nodes using Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors.

Advanced Clustering to Build UC Merced Supercomputer

Today the University of California Merced announced that it has selected Advanced Clustering Technologies to build a cluster supercomputer that will support research at the institution.

Oxford Installs New Lenovo Cluster

One of Lenovo’s first HPC clusters has been installed at the University of Oxford in the UK.

Senai CIMATEC Installs Latin America’s Fastest Supercomputer

BG Brasil has unveiled the fastest supercomputer in Latin America at the Senai CIMATEC Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation in Salvador, Brazil.

SERC Installs India’s First Petaflop Supercomputer

Today Cray announced that the SERC Research Center in Bangalore has installed India’s first Petaflop supercomputer. Called “SahasraT,” the 1.4 Petaflop Cray XC40 supercomputer is a hybrid system with Intel Xeon processors, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, and Nvidia GPUs.

Cyfronet Launches World’s Largest HP Apollo 8000 Supercomputer

Cyfronet recently celebrated the launch of Poland’s fastest supercomputer. As the world’s largest deployment of the HP Apollo 8000 platform, the 1.68 Petaflop Prometheus system is powered by 41,472 Intel Haswell cores and 216 Terabytes of memory.

SDSC Trestles Supercomputer to move to University of Arkansas

SDSC’s recently decommissioned Trestles supercomputer is moving to the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center.

Petascale Comet Supercomputer Enters Early Operations

“Comet is really all about providing high-performance computing to a much larger research community – what we call ‘HPC for the 99 percent’ – and serving as a gateway to discovery,” said SDSC Director Michael Norman, the project’s principal investigator. “Comet has been specifically configured to meet the needs of researchers in domains that have not traditionally relied on supercomputers to solve their problems.”

Interview: MEGWARE Gears up for ISC High Performance

MEGWARE in Germany celebrated its 25th anniversary in February. With the company in the midst of a big cluster deployment at CERN, we caught up Jörg Heydemüller from MEGWARE to learn what they have in store for the upcoming ISC High Performance conference in July.

SGI Powers Earthquake Research in Japan

Today SGI announced that the Earthquake and Volcano Information Center of the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI) at the University of Tokyo, has deployed a large-scale parallel computing solution from SGI for leading-edge seismological and volcanological research.