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Altair and NVIDIA at Argonne: Using Workload Management Software to Maximize HPC Resources

Here’s a fascinating look at how a national lab works in partnership with advanced computing vendors to further the lab’s supercomputing mission. From Argonne National Laboratory’s leadership computing facility (ALCF) we have Bill Allcock, manager of the Advanced Integration Group, and Bill Nitzberg, CTO of PBS Works at Altair Engineering. The two talk about ALCF’s […]

HPE’s Neil Dey Talks Exascale-class System Building

After more than a decade of discussion, planning, designing and system building, 2021 is expected to be the year that exascale-class computing finally arrives in the U.S. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is at the epicenter of this effort. The company is the prime contractor or system architect for the first three exascale systems to be delivered […]

Atos Talks HPC, AI, Exascale and Quantum Strategies

Europe’s leading HPC systems provider, Atos, is enjoying a successful 2021, highlighted by major contract wins, new product rollouts and the acquisition of US-based Nimbix, providing Atos with a ready-made cloud HPC capability. In this interview with Andy Grant, global head of sales, HPC, AI and Quantum at Atos, he reviews the past year’s achievements […]

Liqid Expands Infrastructure Composability to GPUs

Composable infrastructure company Liqid was one of the first entrants in that market segment, and the company has steadily built up its composable capabilities since its founding eight years ago. In this interview with Sumit Puri, Liqid CEO and co-founder, he says it’s all about “moving away from what we call ‘statically configured infrastructure’ to […]

HPE Greenlake: A Private HPC Cloud that Seems Public

Cloud HPC is one of the hottest segments of the HPC industry – yet it has a variety of iterations from various vendors. One of them, from the HPC industry’s leader for systems revenues, is in effect a private cloud offering that operates and is designed to deliver many of the benefits of a public […]

How AMD Helps Push Azure’s HPC Strategy

Microsoft Azure early on took an aggressive stance in the cloud HPC segment, becoming, for example, one of the first to offer the InfiniBand interconnect on its public cloud platform. The strategy has paid off as cloud has become one of the fastest growing segments in the HPC industry. In this interview, Evan Burness, Azure’s […]

NVIDIA and NetApp: What’s Coming Next from Their AI Partnership

Managers from two AI powerhouses, NVIDIA and NetApp, sat down with us to talk about their several years-long partnership, along with its latest developments, which are considerable. >From NetApp, Joey Parnell, Senior member of Technical Staff, software; and from NVIDIA, Premal Savla, Director of Product Management, Deep Learning Systems, discuss a slew advancements across AI-related […]

AMD’s Evan Groenke on the New MI200 GPU

In this interview with AMD’s Senior Product Manager, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Group, Evan Groenke, he discusses the buzz around the company’s newly announced MI200 data center GPU, which AMD says is the most powerful on the market. Along with its speeds-and-feeds, Groenke discusses how AMD engineered the new accelerator and looks at the HPC […]

Inspur: Growing Strength in HPC and AI

It’s been a good year for Inspur, as the company’s Global AI and HPC Director, Vangel Bojaxhi, explains in this SC21 interview. He shares updated market research numbers showing Inspur’s strong position in the global HPC and AI computing arenas, and he talks about the performance characteristics of its NF5488A6 server, showcased at the conference, […]

Cornelis Networks Talks High Speed Fabrics for Heterogeneous HPC-AI

We caught up with Phil Murphy, CEO of fabrics technology company Cornelis Networks, which has one of the most interesting vendor histories in the HPC community. Extending back to the 1990s and carrying forward extensive interconnect R&D by both Intel and Cray, Cornelis’s OmniPath is a fabric uniquely well-suited to the increasingly heterogeneous world of […]